Celebrating with Grant Funding | October 4th, 2019

Minidoka Memorial Hospital Celebrates with Grant Funding from M.J. Murdock Foundation Minidoka Memorial Hospital is beyond excited to announce that we are one of the recipients in grant money from the M.J. Murdock Trust Foundation.

Our small Critical Access Hospital has been able to make some major equipment purchases over the years with the help of the M.J. Murdock Trust Foundation. We’ve received funding for new surgical and diagnostic equipment in 2008, a new ultrasound machine, mammography machine as well as sterilant systems for our surgery department in 2011, and we are extremely excited to announce that MMH just recently was awarded a grant to help us purchase a new 3D Mammography Machine for our Radiology Department.

We are also happy to share that we were a part of the last grant cycle to help the M.J. Murdock Trust Foundation reach its $1 Billion dollars in giving to nonprofit organizations. This would not be possible without all the support of our community, Board Members, and employees that all contribute to making our hospital the best hospital in the Mini-Cassia area.

Also a huge thank you to everyone at the M.J. Murdock Trust Foundation especially Moses Lee for working with our staff to get this proposal submitted and approved. Our new 3D Mammography Machine with the Stereotactic Biopsy Package will allow our Radiologist to go in and biopsy any abnormalities found during the patient’s initial visit, therefore, saving the patient another trip back for additional procedures that often have to be done at larger facilities.

Minidoka Memorial Hospital strives to ensure that our patients and residents continue to receive safe, friendly professional and high-quality care and this new equipment is just one way we intend to continue providing this service. Once again shout out to the M.J. Murdock Trust Foundation for all the support they provide to all programs that enrich life in communities across Alaska, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and the great state of Idaho.