How to use PowerShare Easy Uploader

PowerShare Easy Uploader

Uploading Medical Images

Patients and healthcare providers can now upload medical images from a storage device, such as a CD, USB flash drive or DVD, from the convenience of their own computer. The portal – PowerShare Easy Uploader – copies and transfers images to the patient’s health record.


The PowerShare Easy Uploader offers many benefits:

  • HIPAA compliant - secure website protects patient information.
  • Convenient - images can be uploaded from your own computer.

  • Fast - images are immediately copied and transferred to the patient’s health record.

  • Immediate access - it gives providers immediate access to patients’ images.

Recommended Browser

For the best performance using the PowerShare Easy Uploader, we recommend using the browsers Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox to upload images from your storage device.

Accessing PowerShare Easy Uploader

Click the button shown below. On the next page, you will see instructions on how to upload the images from your storage device.

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