Annual Curbside Health Fair Blood Draw Service

One Week Only

September 26th – September 30th
7 am – 11 am
Health Fair Profile: $60

Laboratory Resource Center Suite 19 behind Minidoka Memorial Hospital

Tests include all Chemistry, Lipid, TSH & CBC

Persons should FAST (Nothing to eat or drink except water) for 12 hours prior to test

PSA Blood Test (Prostate Specific Antigen) $15

  • Optional for men

    Total Testosterone $25

  • Optional for men, a good screening for “Low T” symptoms or problems

    Vitamin D-25 OH $50

  • Optional for everyone, a good screening for general health

    Glychemoglobin-(A1C) $30

  • Diabetic monitoring
    Due To Covid-19 Restrictions There Will Not Be A Vendor Fair This Year

    All Results Will Be Mailed

    Health Fair Pre-Admit Forms & Curbside Blood Draw Map